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Wellcome Trust - Bloomsbury Centre for Global Health Research (WTBCGHR) Scientific Meeting

Scientific meetingDate: 21st – 23rd March 2017

The Wellcome Trust - Bloomsbury Centre for Global Health (WTBCGHR) has been holding annual scientific meetings since the year 2005. So far WTBCGHR has held meetings in South East Asia and UK and Africa. WTBCGHR is pleased to announce that it will be having its annual scientific meeting for 2017 in Malawi. This is only second time meeting is being held in Africa, after Zimbabwe last year. The meeting will be held at the Makokola Retreat, Mangochi from Tuesday 21st March – Thursday 23rd March 2017.

The scientific programme will include sessions on HIV and adolescent/child health, Maternal and Child Health, TB, Infection, Eye Infection, Malnutrition in children, Helminths and allergy and mental health, with presentation of new research from Africa and South Asia



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