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Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust (MLW) unveils the Journalists in Resident training programme to enhance Science Reporting.

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To address the challenge of lack of specialization and fact-based Science Reporting, the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust MLW has introduced the Journalists in Resident programme which is aimed at enhancing its media engagement as part of its Public Engagement Strategy.

The programme will also enhance interaction between MLW researchers and the media.


Speaking during a two-day Journalists in Resident training workshop in Blantyre, MLW’s Media Relations Officer, Grayson Chapita said,  Since 2012, MLW has been training the media to improve their health and health research reporting skills but no significant improvement in their reporting and coverage was realised.


Developing the 2017-2021 National Malaria Research Agenda

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The national Malaria Taskforce, instigated to develop the national research agenda on malaria for 2017-2021, held their first meeting in Lilongwe on the 15th July 2015. Malaria researchers met with key partners in malaria control implementation and the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) under the Ministry of Health to discuss the priority malaria research areas for the next five years.

As the 2011-2016 National Malaria Strategy entitled “Towards Universal Access” is coming to an end, the Ministry of Health is scheduled to develop the 2017-2021 national malaria strategy. A strong, aligned national research agenda, that describes the key national and global questions and knowledge gaps, will encourage research that can support informed policy decisions.


Samala Moyo exhibition brings health research to Chiradzulu

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chiradzuluExhibitionCommunity members in Chiradzulu who took part during the exhibition

Bwanamali Jali, 32, never knew the dangers of excessive salt and sugar to his life. But, after attending the Samala Moyo exhibition facilitated by Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust, Jali promises to adjust his eating habits to avoid suffering from Diabetes.

The exhibition tour run across primary, secondary schools and villages in Chiradzulu, a district in southern Malawi and it aims at bringing health information to communities in the rural areas. It also targets learners to inspire them in taking science careers.

MLW conducts research in four themes, Malaria, Non Communicable diseases, Tuberculosis, HIV/Aids and Microbes, Immunity and Vaccines.