Careers & Training

MLW has a considerable record of success in supporting Malawian and International scientists through studentships, fellowships and subsequent careers. The MLW environment provides a robust pathway for bright, creative, talented early researchers to fulfil their potential, guaranteeing opportunities for innovation and creativity. A comprehensive training and mentorship programme utilises accomplished senior academics from MLW, Liverpool and elsewhere linked to supervisors within CoM. The joint University of Malawi-University of Liverpool PhD scheme links new with more experienced supervisors and establishes high-quality governance structures for post-graduate training with substantially reduced registration fees. The collaborative training environment allows the transfer of systems for PhD monitoring, academic supervision and generic skills training (communication, teamwork, project management, leadership, grant writing and peer review). In addition, MLW operational staff benefit from a coordinated programme of training opportunities from short courses to degree and masters courses.

MLW has hosted both computer-based and wet laboratory advanced training courses in pathogen genomics, genomic epidemiology and molecular diagnostic microbiology in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses Group. These courses drew participants from all over Africa and utilised faculty from European and African universities.