MLW Partnership with College of Medicine

At MLW we believe that research is most likely to have long-term benefits if it is integrally linked with a national institution dedicated to training, research and serving the country’s health, hence we take pride in our relationship with the Malawi College of Medicine (COM).

Together COM Postgraduate Office, their Research Support Centre and MLW contribute to the formulation and implementation of training programmes for scientists and doctors in a range of areas including basic medical sciences, clinical sciences and bioethics. Most of our scientific staff also hold honorary positions with the COM. The COM also provides clinical facilities and other support services to the programme. The MLW Programme Executive Committee is chaired by the Principal of COM.

MLW Partnership with Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and University of Liverpool

The Programme maintains close strategic, academic and administrative links with the University of Liverpool and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), through the Wellcome Trust Tropical Centre (WTTC) now the Liverpool-Glasgow Wellcome Trust Centre for Global Health Research. Liverpool has channelled a major component of its staff time and research activity into Malawi to create an impressive collaborative portfolio.

The WTTC provides invaluable support to the MLW leadership team; facilitates the identification and preparation of Fellows (proposal development, critical appraisal and interview preparation); provides mentorship for a wide variety of Scientists with the MLW Programme; facilitates networking to Liverpool and beyond; strengthens the research governance and monitoring of MLW; and provides administrative and logistical support for MLW research activities in Malawi.

MLW Partnership with Wellcome-Trust

Wellcome Trust UK is the major funder of the MLW programme. The programme was initially based on a malaria research led and funded through a Wellcome Trust Research Leave Fellowship. After an external review process in 2003 the programme was recognised by the Wellcome Trust as a new Major Overseas Programme. In 2013 core funding for a further 5 years was agreed by the Wellcome Trust.

Wellcome Trust is dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health, hence supports the projects in biomedical research and the medical humanities across the world. Visit  the Wellcome Trust UK website to find out more.